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Andhra Pradesh



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Yoga Teachers Training

MAHARSHIJI ASHRAM is giving training to interested persons as YOGA TEACHERS for less qualified & unemployed youth, seeing no career in future and under depression. Find here a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to come out of THE DARK STATE OF MIND. This is a CAREER MAKING COLLEGE for youth, So that they earn handsome amounts after a training of few months.


BASIC COURSE :This is a 50 hours yoga teachers training course. spread over 2 months with classes two times in a week.

SYLLABUS : Elementary yoga postures breathing exercise, one technique of meditation & some knowledge about diet & health.

CERTIFICATE COURSE : This is a 200 hours yoga teachers training course spread over a period of 3 months with classes 5 days in a week it is meant for students who are intersted in acquiring kwowledge for proffessional home tuition for health benefits.

SYLLABUS : Yoga postures, theory & practicals of each Yogasana, precautions and limitations. Naturopathy techniques of Water Therapy, Mud-Pack, Sun-Bath, Massage are taught to students. Panchakarma, Shatkarma, are explained. Basics of human anatomy and physiology are taught.

Students after this course can become yoga teacher & acquire proficiency in home tuition & can earn very good amount per month.


This is a 500 hourse trainign program spread over a period of 6 months with classes 5 days a week. In diploma course the above techniques of the cerficate course are taken to advanced stage. Additional Yogasanas, difficult asanas, Power yoga are taught. Greater stree is given on practical sessions. Sessions for treatment of individual disease through yoga are held.